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Sterkfontein chicks

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Sterkfontein Chicks Logo

Established in 2006, Sterkfontein Chicks began as an essential part of Sterkfontein Poultry's integration. Initially, the company was a supplier of Cobb day-old broilers, but has since been operating as a supplier of Ross day-old broiler chicks in South Africa.  Sterkfontein Chicks strives to consistently provide superior quality broiler chicks and service excellence.

Our Hatchery

Our hatchery is an advanced facility that features state-of-the-art technology and a well-trained team of staff to ensure superior quality day-old Ross broiler chicks, which get placed in our broiler chicken houses.

Our broiler breed of choice

The Ross 308 is an exceptional broiler breeder brand that satisfies the demands of the South African poultry market. The breed offers consistent performance and the ability to meet a variety of end-product requirements. Ross is considered internationally as a breed of choice in the global poultry industry. 

Our Feed

Sterkfontein Chicks works consistently to ensure that our chicks only receive the best feed available to allow for peak performance and health, with optimal nutrition. All our feed is locally sourced and our suppliers guarantee that the feed is well balanced and contains all the necessary natural nutrients for our broilers. 

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