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Our Story

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Sterkfontein Ankole, the latest addition to the Sterkfontein Farms group, was established in 2017. Dylan Meintjes, laid his eyes for the first time on these magnificent animals in Disney World's Animal Kingdom in 2005. He returned to South Africa with images of these animals which he shared with his father, Rohan Meintjes. They were both truly amazed to know that such animals exist. Since then, they wanted to own and farm with the Ankole breed, but to their disappointment, there were none available in South Africa as they originate from Uganda.


However, in 2004 the first Ankole genetics were brought into South Africa via embryos. The state permitted the importing of embryos by Embryo Plus, Simon Hodgson and then Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, current South African President. These animals only became available to the public in 2016. Rohan and Dylan jumped at the opportunity to acquire a breeding bull. They have added pure bred females to their herd, and have grown the herd considerably through embryo transfer.


Our aim is to breed magnificent full blood Ankoles that show great horn length, along with thick bases and horn shape, without sacrificing the quality of beef production, rich milk and adaptability that the breed is known for.