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Sterkfontein Borane is the 3rd addition to the Sterkfontein Farms group, started by a young South African farmer who has always dreamed of farming with cattle.

Dylan Meintjes, Sterkfontein Borane

Meet Dylan Meintjes

A young farmer with an undeniable love and passion for his cattle, Dylan Meintjes, began his journey with the boran breed in 2015. The Sterkfontein Borane herd has since become one of the largest herds in South Africa. The brand promises to offer it's clients the best available genetics for successful breeding programs. 

"It might look like I'm listening, but in my head I'm thinking about my cows." - Dylan Meintjes



Take a look at a few of our top selected stud certified boran cattle.

We hosted our 2nd annual Boran auction in April 2022. Our auctions offer the best available Boran genetics to the Boran community, as we strive to ensure that our buyers are extremely satisfied with their purchases. 


For further details about our future auctions, please visit our Boran website or our Facebook page:

Embryo transfer (ET) is an internationally recognized advanced reproductive program, being the fastest and most economical method of genetic multiplication.


The program assists in an increased production of offspring, extracted from proven top breeding cows, that essentially will minimize generation intervals for improved genetic progress.

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