The Sterkfontein Poultry team has worked incredibly hard over the decades to consistently deliver quality chicken to our clients. We strive to provide the best poultry and service to the industry. Our team has been fortunate enough to have had our hard work, dedication and passion be recognized within our industry.

Sterkfontein Poultry has gained recognition in the South African poultry industry in the following accolades:

Nama Epepha Awards

The Nama Epepha Awards forms part of the Government's National Abattoir Rating Scheme, which gives recognition to all the registered abattoirs in South Africa. Sterkfontein Poultry was awarded the following:

Golden Comb Awards

The annual Golden Comb Awards honors Cobb customers by recognizing outstanding achievements in broiler, hatchery and breeder performance. The Awards has since been discontinued and we have changed over to the Ross broiler breed. Sterkfontein Poultry was honored to receive the following awards.

SPAR Awards

Sterkfontein Poultry was proud to receive this award

from Spar's Southrand DC.